Saturday, 5 September 2015

Pierce the Veil

I'm not too sure who reads my blog, but before I begin, I'd like to say to you; You are the face of change. There. I said it.

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas have the power to change the world."
- Robin Williams

We live a cruel, harsh world. A world in which many of us are no better than animals. We are the sheep of the media, dancing to the tune of a hidden flute. Very few of us pierce the veil, very few of us see what's really there. I read the news, I go on the internet and very rarely do I ask myself, 'Is this true? Is it really?' When I do ask this, I also wonder why didn't ask this question before.

                             They say the camera never lies, but it does. Eveyday.

Wherever you are, the news lies to you. I ask you now, have you heard of a country called 'Israel'? You probably have. Do you know what's going on there? What's really going on there? You probably don't know. Chances are you'v heard that the 'Israeli government regularly kills Palestinians in self defense' I ask you; is this self defence?

If that doesn't break your heart, you haven't got one. The simple truth is that the Israeli army isn't an army at all. It's a force trained to be heartless. They're murderers. Would you justify the killing of a child in your own country? I don't think you would. If you wouldn't, then why do you justify the massacre of millions of children outside your country? Are their lives cheap? Is their blood cheap?

This child was murdered. Did you know?

If you didn't, there's something wrong with the media telling you how Justin Bieber wore pink pants and not how a soldier killed a child.

"Stand for what you believe in even if it means standing alone."
- Andrew Dennis Biersack

I don't want you to like me, I just want you to think.
Pierce the Veil.
See what's really there.

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