Sunday, 6 September 2015

Pakistan; Honouring our Fallen

(Disclaimer; none of these photos belong to me)

On this day, the 6th of September 2015 we look back on a day, unforgettable in the history of our nation. To day we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of our victory over India in 1965. Many martyrs were born in the war and today we pay homage to them.

These men willingly gave their lives so that we may live as we do today, a free Pakistan. A Pakistan on the road to bettering itself as a country, as one united brother hood, as one united nation. When I ponder over this day, long before I was born, I ponder over the fallen heroes of a time gone by, a time when my countrymen laid down their lives with the dream of a country where it's citizens were a committed people, one people.

I was standing in front of Fatimah Jinnah Park this morning, and at 11:30 I saw the first plane, a Mirage III blast over the horizon. The sonic boom that followed shook the very earth that the crowd stood on.

My father was snapping pictures as the Mushshak looped and barrel-rolled in the sky.

There was cheering as a formation of JF-17 Thunders appeared on the horizon. Looking at pictures of the planes later, I remembered a diary I kept when I was about 10 years old. The cover of the execise book actually commemorated the joint creation of the JF-17 Thunder with China.

 The last, but truly the best part of the show was an army helicopter carrying 6 men beneath it. As we were driving away, we saw paratroopers, their shoots red and green trailing red and white smoke as they floated down from the sky.

It has always been Pakistan's practice to honour our Shuhada', as we did so today. We remember these men with a mixture of fondness and a fiery passion. A passion that we should remain committed to improving our country, that these me should not have died in vain.

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