Thursday, 21 November 2013

I was sparring with Baba and Isa was there. I blocked one punch , but the other went home. Baba and I don't punch hard, so it was no big deal. At least we thought so until Isa went around punching the both of us as hard as he could with his little fists. Which wasn't very hard. But would be soon. So Baba pretended to be about to punch me, and shook my hand instead. (No Isa, I don't want to hold a patriotic rally for Pakistan with the egg-beater. National Day is OVER.) Isa has been really funny lately. At the presentation club today, Isa showed us the parts of his body, and Khadeeja presented on Bilal ibn Raba'a (RA) and I presented on the Prophet's visit to At-Taif. I passed around a date from there. My grandmother said it had been hardened when the people of Taif refused the prophet any dates to break his fast. I  have searched, but have not found any narrations to back this up. So i don't know if this is true, but if you find any narrations supporting  it,  do drop me a line!
So the dad man got back from Singapore today. He picked up a 16 fl oz bottle of Mod PodgeMatte for me as well as a 14 fl oz bottle of Mod Podge Outdoor!! And, so sweet of hime, he bought me a tin of mints and a notebook I'd been eying for ages.:) I was a happy camper. :p, you know me !Will post pics of the new additions to my crafting family soon. Haha, judge me, but my craft supplies feel like family. Bring on the angry comments. ;) Along with the Mod podge, Jiddah sent loads and tonnes of triffic chocolate!! Will get fat, don't worry. In addition to that, poor Daddy Gee ~look of outrage from the dad man, who hates being called anything but Baba~  had to carry 4 huge blocks of baking choc. Glad he didn't throw his back out. Now he can carry more stuff the next time he goes. ~Muahaha! Evil laugh~

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Another crafty post for you guys. You must all have worked with clay at some point in time, right? Well, a few years ago, I got a nasty suprise! My polymer clay stash had completely dried out! Being true to my pack-rattish natue, I didn't thrw the ruined clay out. I later heard of a way to "cure" ruined clay. One of my friends told me that polymer clay, or Sculpey is renewable my sokaking in water. SO, if you had asked my what I was doing this evening, I would have said: "Curing my Sculpey!" So, if you have sick polymer clay, go to: