Saturday, 28 September 2013

I think its time I blogged about my adorable (sometimes annoying) baby brother Isa! I think he is passing his "baby" years by with remarkable speed! Just the other day, it was, he, (all on his own) decided to put his spoonful of beans and rice in his mouth on his own! He is such a big boy no, Mashallah, they grow up so fast! I have to go now, my sister wants use the computer

Friday, 27 September 2013

Rock Paperweight

You will need:

1 smooth pebble
Sparkles of your choice
Black/White paint

How to make the paperweight:

1 Paint the pebble completely with the paint and allow it to dry.

2  Glue the sparkles of your choice to the painted rock.

3Let it dry.
Hooray for Mod-podge!

What would I do without it? I don't know! I love this handy crafty varnish to bits. I have used this in loads of projects and hope that my journey with Mod-podge has just begun! 
I love you, Amy Anderson, for creating this wonderful and fun crafting varnish! Check out Amy Anderson's blog

I love it!

Refurbished comb; Side 2

You will need:

1 wooden comb
1 bottle of red nail polish
1 brown Sharpie.
 Transparent glue/Mod-podge

For the Comb:

 Draw the design of your choice on the comb. You can even draw on the teeth! Then cover your design in 1 coat of red nail polish. (I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails No.160 Cherry Red.).

For a final varnish and gloss, paint over with transparent glue, or, my favorite, a coat of Mod-Podge!
Refurbished Comb; Tutorial Side 1

You will need:

1 wooden comb
 Shimmer-fix overlay

For the stripes;

1Use the ruler and a brown/black Sharpie to rule lines in any direction you want.

2Color in the stripes.

For the Shimmer;

1 Paint over the whole side of the comb evenly with the shimmer-fix over lay.

2 Allow to dry.

3 Paint over that with 1-2 coats of Mod-Podge, drying for 2 hours between each coat.

Flowered Lipstick Case Tutorial.

This case is worked in single crochet with 2 ply yarn. I used wwhite yarn for this project, but go wild with weird colors by all means!! 

You will need;

1 4.0 size crochet hook

1 ball of 2 ply yarn

1 felt flower (optional)

For the case:

Tie a slipknot in the yarn with a 1 inch tail. Chain 15, and single crochet 15 rows. Thread a tapestry needle with a 10 inch piece of yarn (make sure it is the same yarn as your work!) Whip stich both sides together. Gauge where the button should be, then sew it on wwith the tapestry needle. Sew one end of the yarn to the top of the purse on one side of the button and pull it under the button until it reaches overr to the other side. stich in through the top of the purse, then tie a knot.

To attach the felt flower:

Take your felt flower and hold it in the bottom right hand corner of the top of the case. Take a small, matching button and sew it over the flower.

Voila! Your case is done!