Sunday, 9 February 2014

Asslamualaikum Folks!

This post is going to be reviewing the latest Almaghrib course held in Malaysia."Protect This House" by Sheikh Abu Eesa Niamatullah.  This course focused on the different relationships we have, and how to maintain them. Another thing the Sheikh focused on was Silatur Rahim. I found out that it was only counted if one was maintaining a DIFFICULT relationship. I found out that it was only counted if you were going the extra mile for that cousin who doesn't care about you, or that uncle whohates on you. I learned a lot. I learned that we need to have mercy to ANYONE, regardless of ow horrible they are. This course was the most happening course ever for me.

Before the Mommy's Room was set up, All the little kids were crawling on the floor, screaming and yelling. When the Mommy's room was done, all was quiet. We could hear the Sheikh's jokes. Since I had volunteered for no specific category, I helped with sales and the Ihsaan Juniors on the second day with my friend, Hafsa. At the booth, I literally memorised the following:

1 cookie is RM 3.80
2 cookies are RM 7.40
3 cookies are RM 11.40
The bottles are for RM 19.90
The binders are RM 15
It was a VERY busy lunch break! =D
I helped out at the Ihsaan Juniors Club. I think I picked up the same blasted Batik's more that FIVE TIMES!! I think I repeated the fruit kebaab demo more than 3 times. I had to look for a "missing child" with Hafsa. We went through the toilets, mens, womens, handicap and all. As we rounded the corner calling his name, we discovered that he had been found by his family playing in the play-tents. His brother had been frantic with worry. I was flabbergasted. By the time the "Tea Party" was over and the Sheikh got there, I was dead. I could not go on. I went back to the conference hall. While the sheikh did a long Q + A, I picked up the trash. By the time I got back out again, they were loading the cars. After that was done, I met Brother Ali, a Nigerian student majoring in linguistics at University Malaya. I went with my dad and some other brothers with the Sheikh to dinner. The Resturant Saba was about to close. The food was late and we were ravenous. The Ameer was caught eating the Mandi hot sauce. When we got back to the hotel, I crashed. But this course was So worth it! 

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