Thursday, 17 April 2014

How to make a doll armchair

What you will need:
1 pencil
1 ruler
3-4 pieces of cardboard
1 doll (I'm using my 12-inch Monster High)
1 glue-gun
Fabric(I'm using leftover upholstery fabric)

Step 1:

Cut the cardboard.

a) The backboard must be the height of you doll, plus one centimeter aproxx

c) The seat (use a ruler to draw the edges)

d) The arms (make sure they are the same length as the sides of the seat)

e) The lazyboy flap and side-flaps. (should be the same length as the arms and the tall enough to support the chair)

Step 2: Cover the cardboard completely in fabric with a glue-gun (you could use Mowvlith German White glue or UHU glue if you cut the fabric bigger)

a)  The back-board

 b) The arms

c) The side-flaps and lazyboy board

Step 4: Glue the pieces together

a) The seat to the back board (I put in little bits of card-board to support it)

b) The arms to the back and seat and the flaps to the bottom.

Step 5:
Let your doll enjoy the chair!

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