Tuesday, 10 November 2015

10 things you DON'T say to alternatives

Here's a list of things not to say to alternatives. Hell, she could be dressed up as a frickin' doll for all I care. Don't say any of these things:

1. Why do you dress like that?

Why do you dress like that?

2. It's not good to dress like that, you know.

I have heard this many times, especially in islamic circles. Mostly from people I've never seen before. If you don't know the person, please don't try to give them advice. It's rude. And, if the person is dressed decently, your statement makes no sense.

3. Just generally acting uncomfortable when the person makes a statement about what they like.

You aren't the world authority on what's right and wrong, so shut up.

4. You would be so pretty if you wore different things! (or generally suggesting clothes you can easily see the person will hate. You're too obvious, so shut your pie hole.)

I look pretty by my standards! Stop telling me to 'be myself' if you're trying to change what I define as myself.

5. Do you worship satan? while you creepily try to stare into the depths of my soul

No, I worship one god just like you. Or did the scarf I'm wearing on my head lead you to believe that I sold my soul to the devil?

6. Don't wear that. People will think you worship the devil.

If I cared what people thought, I wouldn't dress like this, sweetheart.

7. Can you not wear those when you go out with me?

Can you not go out with me? Like, never?

8. Why don't you like pink/pastel/whatever the person thinks is pretty/?

It's okay if you've legitimately never seen a goth/punk/whatever. It's not okay if you have that uncomfortable grimace that makes you look like you're constipated. If I make you uncomfortable, stop calling me.

9. Are you one of those depressed emos?/Do you cut yourself?

Number one, that's stereotypical, because not all emos are 'depressed'/cut. Number two, even if I did, do you really think it's your business? Do you think one glance at me evaluates my entire character?

10. Wow! You're wearing colour! Does this mean you'll stop dressing like a freak?/Aren't you supposed to be all depressed?

Right now you're being a freak. Because you don't know when to shut up. I can wear whatever I want to and I should be able to do it without you going off like a fire siren every time I go out of my comfort zone.

Hope this helped, although it probably didn't.


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