Thursday, 21 November 2013

So the dad man got back from Singapore today. He picked up a 16 fl oz bottle of Mod PodgeMatte for me as well as a 14 fl oz bottle of Mod Podge Outdoor!! And, so sweet of hime, he bought me a tin of mints and a notebook I'd been eying for ages.:) I was a happy camper. :p, you know me !Will post pics of the new additions to my crafting family soon. Haha, judge me, but my craft supplies feel like family. Bring on the angry comments. ;) Along with the Mod podge, Jiddah sent loads and tonnes of triffic chocolate!! Will get fat, don't worry. In addition to that, poor Daddy Gee ~look of outrage from the dad man, who hates being called anything but Baba~  had to carry 4 huge blocks of baking choc. Glad he didn't throw his back out. Now he can carry more stuff the next time he goes. ~Muahaha! Evil laugh~

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