Thursday, 3 October 2013

High time I blogged about Khadeeja. She is my 8-year-old sister. What with me being close in age to her, there happens to be a little bit of sibling rivalry betwen us! (What am I saying?! We almost had World War III yesterday!!) Anyway, all that aside, I know we both love each other very much. She'll beg to sleep in my bed at night, and I'll occasionally give her a science/history/islamic lesson! We understand each other so well, I know when things that people say bother her, and she knows when she can see my jaw tighten, it isn't looking good! I love that little streak of rebel in her, and she puts up with my turning the room into a house of horror even though she would much prefer a fairy land! The snyde remarks fly almost constantly between us, but we have a rock-solid, water-tight bond.

I hope it stays that way. Read and like my sister's blog,

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